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New stuff July 13, 2010

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So, a few weeks ago I got a Knit Picks catalog in the mail. Let me just say all the spring and summer yarns and kits are exceptionally yummy this year. They have three pretty lace shawl kits right now. I fell in love with the Seasons Shawl – Fall/Winter. The pattern is so pretty and the yarns are beautiful. I had to order it.

I told you it was yummy! Totally worth the money. I ordered two of them! I’m taking the second kit to mom this weekend. We are going to have a yarn cake party. I also ordered some cute sock yarn. Felici Sport Striping sock yarn in the Sorcery colorway.

This should make some really cute socks! I’ll have to look through my toe up sock book to find a pattern that is worth of this yarn. Shouldn’t be too hard, the book is full of beautiful patterns. I’m sure I can find one that strikes my fancy.

We are now two and a half weeks away from our Colorado vacation. I’m super excited. I have my cabin knitting project, the Fall/Winter shawl and socks (I have LOTS of sock yarn). I have some reading material if I get tired of knitting. I have some beautiful fiber on the way to spin. I even have my packing list.

This evening I finished up my black French Press slippers and got them felted. I think they are going to look real cute once I get the straps and buttons sewn on. I’ll post a picture when they are dry and finished. Cute house slippers are a must for a cabin vacation.


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