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Random Updates March 31, 2010

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I didn’t realize how long it has been since my last post. I have some catching up to do. Here we go:
I’m almost done with my purple cardigan. I just have one sleeve left to knit and then sew on buttons. It’s a little snug, but fits okay. I think the fit will improve with time and wear as the yarn relaxes. I might try steam blocking it with an iron to relax the yarn.
I finished my Na’vi inspired mobius. I love how the yarn is knitted up! I’ll take some better pictures of it and post them soon. Since the weather is warming up I can start taking outdoor pictures.
I knitted a toe up sock.
It was too tight after the bind off.
I decided to rip it and go up a needle size.
I’ve been bitten by the design bug! I’ve started keeping a sketch book with me at all times for when inspiration hits.
I’m really taking a liking to knitting socks. They are a very portable project, fits right in a purse or small bag! I started thinking about all the possibilities of designs that you can incorporate into a sock pattern, and it was all over. I knew I was going to start designing socks! I already have several sketches. And I can’t wait to start working them into socks. I am taking it slow though. I want to get two, three, maybe four pairs of socks knitted up to get familiar with the techniques before I jump into knitting my own designs. I’m working that toe up sock which is just straight knitting (I want to do at least two of those), and I’m almost done with the leg of my Angee sock, after which I will knit up another sock from that pattern book.
I bought a new bicycle to ride this summer with my hubby. It’s a haro heartland series. It fits me real well and is very comfortable to ride. Just in time for the warmer weather.
I read a book that I have to recommend. Deadly Little Secret by Laurie Faria Stolarz. This was such a good book, and it does not involve vampires! It falls under the category of hard to put down. I started reading it during my lunch break at work, read most of it at home that afternoon, and finished it the next day during lunch. I don’t think it is technically classified as a mystery, even though it does have some mystery in it. Usually I have a pretty good idea part way through a book on the solution to the mystery, but this one completely caught me off guard. I really enjoyed reading this book, and felt a little sad when I finished it. If you like mystery and danger with a little paranormal mixed in you’ll like this book.
Oh yeah, and spring has kind of sprung here.
Technically spring sprung for a couple days, then we had a weekend snow storm last weekend. Now we are getting rain. Eventually I hope to have some real pretty flower pictures to post.
Bonus pictures of my rainbow scarf:

Rainbow scarf March 15, 2010

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I finished my rainbow scarf. The yarn is mini mochi in intense rainbow. Mini mochi is really soft and knits up very well. I used 3 balls of it to make this scarf.
The pattern is Midwest Moonlight scarf. This is a really fun pattern to knit up. It requires just enough attention to not be boring, but not so much that you have to completely ignore everything else. I added additional pattern repeats to make it a long scarf.