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Avatar, Flowers, and Knitting February 20, 2010

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Had a pretty busy weekend. A few weeks ago I started a group on Ravelry in an effort to find other knitters who live in my town and hopefully get a knitting group started. Myself and another Jessica (she has a lovely name!) are co-administrators and moderators for this group. We’ve had quite a bit of interest. As of this morning we have 22 members. This past Saturday we had our first get together. We had a very good turn out; 8 people made it to the gathering at Panera. We enjoyed around 2 hours of knitting and chatting. It was nice to be in the company of others who are as excited about knitting as I am. I no longer feel alone in my knitting world! Our next get together is scheduled for the first Saturday in March. I can’t wait!

After knitting group, Dave and I went to see Avatar for our Valentine’s date. I must say that I loved the movie!

The graphics were amazing, especially in 3D. (Disclaimer time: I did get a sick to my stomach feeling through the first 40 mins or so of the movie. I finally figured out that it was because I had put the 3D glasses over my prescription glasses. Once I took my normal glasses off the sick feeling went away…..just fyidefinitly be purchasing the DVD when it comes available. Also the soundtrack to the movie is wonderful as well. I have nothing negative to say about the movie. I absolutely loved it! All 3 hours of it!

Valentine’s Day news: Hubby bought me the most beautiful flowers! I had to take several pictures of them, there were several different kinds of flowers in the bouquet. I love them! So pretty! I also received some yummy chocolates that I have been munching on.

Here is the whole bouquet:

Some up close pictures of the flowers:

In knitting news:

I finished my first sock! Words cannot describe how it felt to get that sock off the needles. And then the thought hit me…..I still have to knit another one!

It took me a little longer than I think it should have taken. I got a little tired with it and put it down for a while. But it is finished now. I’m very proud of my first sock. One of the big things I learned from the sock is how to do the Kitchener stitch for the toe. It’s not near as hard as I thought it was going to be. You can tell on the sock where I started though. I was a little nervous about pulling tight at the beginning, so there is a small bump on the side, but that’s okay. It might work itself in with some wearing.I’ve already cast on for the second Angee sock and am currently working on the leg.

Additional pictures of my sock.

I’ve also made significant progress with my rainbow scarf. I completed the 25 required repeats according to the pattern. It’s not near as long as I want it to be though, so I’ll continue on with the rest of the second skein and then the third skein. I like long scarves; I want to be able to wrap it around my neck a couple times and still have some length to hang down.

I also finished Hubby’s Scarf:

I downloaded the next chart for the 2010 Lace Mystery KAL. Hearts for February! I should get that knocked out by next weekend.

I found a new online yarn shop. The Yarn and Fiber Company. They have a pretty good selection of yarns and lots of notions and books. I placed an order for some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn to knit up a Möbius and also some highlighter tape. I hope to have those in by the end of next week.


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