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The joy of a knitting order! December 16, 2009

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This has been an exciting week thus far. I received both my Knitpicks order and my addi turbo circular needles! I cannot describe the excitement that these two orders have brought.

First my Knitpicks order! After I knitted up that first sock a couple weeks ago, I decided to order some sock yarn and appropriate size circular needles and another sock book. It is time that I knit up socks!

The book I ordered is Sock Innovation by Cookie A. I have been a long time admirer of Cookie A’s designs on Ravelry. The designs she comes up with just amaze me. To be able to dream up a design concept and then make it a reality on a pair of socks is such an amazing talent .

The yarn I ordered, oh the yarn! The yarn is so much better in person. I love browsing the yarn on, but the yarn colors are so much brighter and vibrant in person. Which just about always surprises me because the photography folks at Knitpicks do a wonderful job with the product pictures.

I now am the proud owner of two skeins of Jade Gloss Sock Yarn, one skein of Make Believe Stroll Hand-painted Sock Yarn, and one ball of Russet Essential Tweed Sock Yarn. Such pretty yarns!

I also ordered three sets of 40 inch circular needles in sizes 1, 2, and 3 for magic loop sock knitting.

On to my second order. December 29th will be my 4th Anniversary. My wonderful husband wanted to do something nice for me and get me something that I would use a lot with my knitting. He asked what tools I needed or could use with my knitting. The end result is this:

4 sets of 47 inch addi turbo circular needles in sizes 0, 4, 6, and 7. This wonderful website had a create your own set. You ordered the case and selected a minimum of 3 circular needles and you received a 10% discount off the regular needle price. I was super excited to find this.

The case is wonderful!

In actual knitting news, I’m still working on the Chill Chaser Scarf for hubby. I have not really made any progress on the leg warmers. I did however cast on for a sock from the Sock Innovation book, using the Jade Gloss and size 1 needles.

Unfortunately, I had to frog what I had done (cuff and two repeats of the leg chart) because it was too small. I’m contemplating whether or not to go up one or two needle sizes. I think I am going to have to starting going up at least one needle size just as a rule, especially with my sock knitting. I’m such a tight knitter.

On the bright side, I am going to be a pro with the magic loop by the time I finish these socks!


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