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Thanksgiving November 29, 2009

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We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week. It was so nice to be able to spend 4 days with family and friends. Being off from work was really nice too. The only downside to the holiday was forgetting my camera at home, so no pictures this year. But I can assure you that the food looked as good as it tasted.

I was also able to do quite a bit of knitting over the holiday. I made good progress on my sweater. I now have the stitches for the sleeves on scrap yarn, and am working on the lace body of the sweater. It’s a pretty easy pattern to knit, however I had to go and make it a little more challenging. I’m doing two colors. The lace in a variegated purple and the band in a solid purple. It seemed like a good idea at the time. however I have sense discovered the challenge of working with three balls of yarn at the same time. It’s going to knit up a little slower than it would have if I had stayed with just one color yarn. A mental note I filed for the next sweater I make from this pattern.

I decided to add a second page to my blog. Dishcloth mania is a challenge I have made for myself in an effort to knit up a lot of the cotton yarn I have in my stash. I will keep a tally and post pictures of the completed dishcloths. I also added a section on the side to show what I have on my needles. I plan to add a page to post pictures of completed projects as I finish them.




Knitting up a storm November 23, 2009

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I have been doing a lot of knitting here lately. I always think to myself that I should start early with the knitted gifts, and as usual I wait until around October/November to begin on the projects. I guess it’s a good thing that I am a somewhat fast knitter. I’ve already finished one gift project. And no I am not going to post the picture yet. All knitted gift pictures will be posted after Christmas. I will however post some pictures of my other projects I have going on.

Here is a scarf that I am working on for my Hubby. The pattern is a very easy mock-cable pattern. The yarn is a fisherman’s wool.

Here is the cardigan that I am knitting. Mom found this pattern February Lady Sweater. The pattern is an adaptation of a baby sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman to make it adult size. It is supposed to be an easy beginner sweater pattern. And thus far it is turning out that way. We’ll see if it stays that way when I get to adding the sleeves.

I also finished another book. I read the second book in the Maximum Ride series. School’s Out Forever was another great James Patterson book. This is such a good thrilling series. James Patterson keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. Just when you think things are starting to calm down something else happens, another twist, more excitement. I highly recommend this series to anyone!


Endings Bring New Beginnings November 3, 2009

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Over the past weekend I was able to wrap up a knitting project and finish a book I had been reading.

I finished my fourth ribbed ski hat on Saturday. I have a love/hate relationship with this particular pattern. I love it because it is an easy knit that does not require a lot of attention. A straight K2,P2 rib. The hate part comes into play because it begins to feel like forever before you start shaping the top of the hat. The end result is a warm and beautiful hat just in time for the winter season.

Knit Hat

This hat was knit using a cotton yarn. The color is called Pinkerton. The moment I heard the name Pinkerton a wave of nostalgia came over me. When I was little, my mom use to check out these books from the library. The author was Steven Kellogg and he wrote about a greatdane named Pinkerton.

Pinkerton BookSo naturally I had to knit a hat with this yarn. I have such fond memories of the Pinkerton stories. I even wanted a greatdane just so I could name him Pinkerton.

I also finished reading the book Aurelia by Anne Osterlund.

AureliaAfter reading several books about vampires, wizards, and the paranormal; Aurelia was a breath of fresh air. obviously the story centers around a girl named Aurelia who also happens to be a princess next in line to the throne. With her life threatened, a childhood friend returns to the kingdom to find out wants her dead and to protect her.

The story was wonderfully written. I found that I could relate to Aurelia’s stubborn, headstrong nature. The mixture of danger, mystery, and of course romance was well balanced. The book was an easy read that held my attention from beginning to end.


With a completed knitting project and a finished book, what’s a girl to do? Cast on a new project and start a new book of course!

My new project: A knitted scarf for hubby. The pattern is called “Seattle Chill Chasers” from one of Debbie Macomber’s knitting books. The yarn is a brown fishermen’s wool from Hobby Lobby.

Seattle Chill Chaser Scarf

The new book I am currently reading is Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson.

Maximum Ride Book 1I was sucked in from page 1. I have not read too far into this book yet; but from what I have read this is going to be a very exciting book. It’s very hard to put this book down.


Dracula Ballet on Halloween….How fitting! November 2, 2009

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I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I had a wonderful weekend personally. My dear husband surprised me with tickets to the Dracula Ballet. Last year he took me to see The Nutcracker for the first time, and I just fell in love with the ballet. He had said that he would start taking me to a ballet every year. This year it was Dracula! How fitting that we went to see Dracula on Halloween night. There were a lot of capes and costumed witches and vampires at the production.

The ballet was wonderful! I really enjoyed it. The dancers put on such a great production. And the orchestra was excellent. We had great seats too. Row A right in front of the orchestra pit. The lead dancers were excellent. You could read the emotions of the story line in their faces and eyes. It’s amazing how much the dancers can communicate with their facial expressions. The music was beautiful and went very well with the story line.

With in minutes of the curtain opening I became engrossed in the story line and the dancers. I just don’t understand how anyone could think that the ballet is boring. There is nothing boring about it! The music, the costumes, the story, it all just draws you in and holds your attention. Especially Dracula. I believe this year was the first time this particular ballet had been performed in Oklahoma. I loved it!