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A Healthy Fear of Germs October 4, 2009

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With the cold and flu season upon us, a lot of people are buying hand sanitizers and worrying about the H1N1 flu. I am no exception to this. Over the past few years I have developed what I feel is a healthy fear of germs. I have been carrying hand sanitizers with me for a while now. I recently heard on the radio about a report saying that people who carry hand sanitizer with them are less likely to get sick with the flu and stomach bugs.

One of the major complaints I use to have about the hand sanitizers such as purell and germ-x is the smell they leave on your hands. I’m not a big fan of the real alcohol smell. The good news is that Bath and Body Works has a line of hand sanitizers that smell like their lotions. I highly recommend the Midnight Pomegranate scent, it’s my favorite. The PocketBac’s contain 60% alcohol and the Antibacterial Hand Foam uses Benzalkonium Chloride.

Midnight Pomegranate Hand Sanitizer

Midnight Pomegranate Hand Sanitizer

A few tips that I follow to help avoid getting sick:

  • Use the hand sanitizers after touching commonly touched surfaces like shopping carts and door handles.
  • Wipe down keyboard, mouse, phone and desktop at work once a week.
  • Avoid coworkers who come to work sick.
  • Always use hand sanitizers before touching food or drink.